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David C. Chapman
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Electronic Design Automation software developer who has written over 1,300,000 lines of code is available for expert witness assignments, with specialties in GDSII/OASIS or source code review, or contract work in software development.


  • 36 years industry experience
  • sharp eyes find patent infringement or intellectual property (IP) misuse anywhere in a design
  • deep understanding of algorithms and data structures
  • over 1,300,000 lines of code written
  • has developed algorithms for VLSI EDA tools including logic synthesis, physical design, physical verification, mask tooling, transistor level circuit design, circuit analysis, IP analysis
  • understands physical design from transistor level to chip level, algorithms to GDS/GDSII/OASIS
  • writes efficient, high-quality code
  • uses robust testing methodologies for high reliability
  • expert at performance optimization (algorithmic enhancements as well as code tuning)
  • expert at fixing memory leaks and pointer corruption
  • mentor to junior colleagues; unbiased sounding board to everyone
  • excellent technical writer
  • experienced in C/C++; parallel programming/pthreads; C-shell/AWK; flex/bison; SPICE; full LAMP stack Web development (Linux/Apache/MySQL/PHP/HTML/JavaScript)
  • 12 U.S. patents granted
  • 1 published article


MSEE, Stanford University, 1991.  Concentration in Computer Architecture.

BSCS, California Polytechnic State University, San Luis Obispo, 1984.  Concentration in hardware with 3 years of BSEE program.  Senior project:  designed, constructed, and delivered a microprocessor-controlled data acquisition system.


Chapman Consulting, March 2006 - Present:

Expert witness work: analysis of GDS/GDSII/OASIS VLSI design files using industry-standard data viewers, looking for evidence of patent infringement or IP misuse. Case list available upon request.

Custom software development for the Electronic Design Automation industry: neural networks; optical proximity correction; OASIS reader and writer; Verilog, VHDL, GDS/GDSII, LEF, DEF, Liberty, and SPICE parsers; IP design flow management; research work in transistor level layout synthesis.

Consulting has financed my research and development on a tool to perform layout synthesis of standard cells and datapath elements. Four U.S. patents have been issued for this work.

Synplicity, Inc., October 2000 - May 2002, March 2003 - March 2006:

Worked on numerous Quality of Results (QoR) and infrastructure projects for Synplicity's ASIC logic and physical synthesis products including placement-aware timing optimizations; RTL-level timing-driven optimizations; gate-level timing optimizations; critical path analysis.

Chapman Consulting, October 1992 to October 2000; May 2002 to March 2003:

Custom software development for the Electronic Design Automation industry: Mask Tooling work including CMP pattern fill generation; automated circuit delay and power characterization using SPICE; research work in transistor level layout synthesis.

COMPASS Design Automation, July 1984 to June 1991:

Wrote a 2-D interconnect capacitance extractor; prototyped an interconnect resistance extractor; architected a rewrite of the DRC package, leading to a 15x speedup overall; developed a Mask Tooling automation package that became a corporate competitive advantage; co-developed an automated regression test suite manager.

Hired as Software Engineer I; promoted through the years to Staff Software Engineer.


  • "Identifying Hierarchical Chip Design Intellectual Property through Digests" - U.S. Patents #8,555,219, #9,122,825
  • "Method for Reading Polygon Data into an Integrated Circuit Router" - U.S. Patent #8,352,890
  • "Methods and Devices for Independent Evaluation of Cell Integrity, Changes and Origin in Chip Design for Production Workflow" - U.S. Patents #7,685,545, #8,266,571
  • "An Approach for Routing an Integrated Circuit" - U.S. Patent #7,506,289
  • "An Approach for Routing an Integrated Circuit" - U.S. Patent #7,065,729
  • "Method and Apparatus for Design Rule Checking" - U.S. Patent #6,275,971
  • "Polygon Representation in an Integrated Circuit Layout" - U.S. Patent #6,128,767
  • "A Method of Measuring Energy Consumption in a Circuit Simulator" - U.S. Patent #5,815,416
  • "A Method for Labelling Polygons" - U.S. Patent #5,113,451
  • "A Method for Making a Reticle Mask" - U.S. Patent #4,849,313


"An Error Manager with Message Text Replacement"; C/C++ Users Journal, April 1995, pp. 23-39

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