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I am an expert witness and experienced contract software developer in San Jose, California who has written over 1,300,000 lines of code in my 34 years of industry experience. My expert witness specialty is GDS/GDSII/OASIS data file review for evidence of patent infringement or IP misuse. My software development specialties are in compute-intensive algorithms, Electronic Design Automation (EDA), and parsers/compilers.

I provide algorithm design, development, testing/debugging, and optimization services for high performance, high value, and high reliability software. If you don't know how to get your software project started, need help writing or testing it, or need to improve it, I can help.

After 1,300,000 lines of code, I've learned a few surprising things about writing quality software. I have written a series of essays about software development, testing, and optimization. A few are featured below. Read some of the essays, then call or write to find out how I can help you deliver code that works - and works well.

Software Development Done Right.

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